Last week I was *super* excited to find fresh artichokes at the grocery store--I never find the things when I actually have time to do something with them. Anyway, I bought several. The first few met the grill--and were delicious. Then I decided I should make spinach-artichoke dip--since I just *happened* to have everything for it. So I did. And it was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that it was gone in a matter of hours.

Imagine my surprise, then, when for the second week in a row I found fresh artichokes! Really! Dozens of them! Of course, I bought more. (I really, really, like artichokes. heh.) So, for a scrumptious replay of last week's dip, I thought I'd invite a few friends over and grill some burgers and stuff--and then it hit me.

Put the dip IN the burgers! So in addition to my regular seasonings--garlic, Worcestershire sauce, sea salt, and black pepper, I added a fresh batch of spinach-artichoke dip to the center of the burgers. Incredible, I tell you.

If you've never made stuffed burgers before, you should definitely try it--even if all you stuff them with is cheddar cheese. It's super simple. All you have to do is divide your meat as you normally would, then divide each portion in half. Make thin patties, then top half of them with your filling, then the second patty. Seal well--you don't want your filling leaking out on the grill! Once they're sealed and stuffed, all you have to do is cook 'em...and eat 'em.

For these dip-stuffed burgers, I cooked up some bacon and mixed up some garlic mayonnaise--not that they necessarily needed mayonnaise, but, hey, they're *my* burgers!