Other Writers Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?! [Don't Lick Them!!]

Mine is absolutely delicious—you may even want to eat my words. I know I'm often tempted by some of the yummier morsels. So, if you need a hot and spicy resume, cover letter, brochure, even editing or blog or email messages—I'll stir something up that will make your mouth water (and your current/potential boss/clients too!) If you are searching for lighter fare, like occasion poems—for anything from weddings or anniversaries to funerals or other events—I am also a published poet...and more than capable of sauteing something spectacular for you to serve up for your guests. Given a bit of time, I can even craft a speech fit for your palate—those do need some time to simmer. Pricing is negotiable, depending on your needs and the turnaround time—so catch me now before my inbox is so full it starts to snore!

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