Dead Mule of Southern Literature/October 2009

Finally, proof of my Southern-ness in print. I'm estatic to be part of the Dead Mule family.

Here are three little gems, just for ya'll!

And after you've read those, come back and  have yourself some sweet tea and hang out on the porch with me.


technicolor laugh
spills from her lips
despite her wide, dimpled smile
revealing her true state:

obstreperous laugh
bursts from his chest
despite his dead, empty eyes
revealing his true state:

raucous laugh
explodes through the air
bolstering their outward confidence
revealing their true state:

© 2009 Amanda James Dill

This collection of poetry is sometimes playful, sometimes serious. Some pieces are experimental, others are traditional in form, if not in subject matter. The book can be purchased directly from the publisher or you may order it through me if you'd like a signed copy. (Obviously the latter is slightly more expensive as I have to process and ship out autographed books myself.)

Poetry: what gets lost in translation

(Robert Frost)

Poetry is one of my favorite things to write, mostly because people seem to like it--writers to tend to enjoy themselves more when people actually read their work.
 Post-it Note for the Goddess
(tribute to William Carlos Williams)

This is just to say--
I have kept
the sunshine
that was on
my skin

and which
you were probably saving
for tomorrow.

Forgive me--
it was warm,
so playful,
and so optimistic.

© 2009 Amanda James Dill
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